Aloha, Hawaii! (Day 3, part 2)

After having fun above the sea, we went back to the hotel and prepare ourselves to attend  Waikiki Starlight Luau at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. There were actually lots of dinner packages along with traditional Polynesian dance and shows, but this one was the cheapest and closest to our hotel. We took TheBus number 2, stopped at Kalakaua Ave + Pau St, walked around 5 minutes to reach Hilton Hawaiian Village. 

Note to remember, if you are buying the tickets through Orbitz, you will only get receipt, not the actual voucher to enter the show. At first, we gave them the receipt and the ushers said that we are not on the lists. So we explained that we bought the tickets online through Orbitz, asked nicely to check on “online reservation”, but they did not even glance to the papers in front of them. They kept checking the paper with lists of people who brought vouchers. We were pissed. So I checked the receipt again and I found “EXPEDIA” on the corner. Once they heard me, they said, “Ooh Expedia”, and checked the paper that was exactly in front of them. Finally, they found our names. We were given 2 drinks ticket and shell necklaces at the gate.

This event was held on the roof top of Hilton. There were 2 big buffet tables in the corner, with 2 other tables for Kalua Pork, unfortunately, we don’t eat pork, but some other dishes like seared island fish and grilled rib-eye steak were good. Some ushers guided us to a big table next to buffet, along with 3 other couples. We bought the “general seating” and it was okay. It’s not too close to the stage, but to be closer to the buffet is more important!


The dance was so mesmerizing! They also taught us how to move our hips left and right.


Honolulu did not sleep that night because there were Halloween Party everywhere. We walked around after the event to see some amazing costumes.

Some minions hanging out with Minnie Mouse
Alice in Wonderland, with Tweedledee and Tweedledum
VOTE for The US of A!

We spent Day 4 in Hawaii at Kualoa Ranch, Kaneohe, for ziplining and ATV riding. The last day in Hawaii was frustrating, that we almost missed our flight back to California, because apparently we walked into a jungle with no one around! Just to see a waterfall.


Aloha, Hawaii! (Day 2)

It’s our Day 2 in Honolulu, Hawaii. First of all, I am too lazy to walk, let alone hike a volcanic tuff cone on the Hawaiian island that is 761 feet above the sea. Sometimes my husband has to drag me out of the house just to walk for an hour or so, but not in Hawaii. This might be the first and the last (hopefully not) time to ever step a foot in Hawaii, so I told myself that I need to hike this volcanic tuff cone. It took us around 2.5 hours for round trip which actually was pretty fun! My husband even was amazed at me, haha!

We spent the morning planning the next 2 days in Hawaii that we went to hike around 2pm. Going from the station nearby, we took TheBus number 2. Hiking this Diamond Head at 2pm was not as bad as I thought. Turns out it’s even better since the sun didn’t shine too much, and it’s windy. Sometimes light rain came in Hawaii for only 3 – 5 seconds. Taking a jacket would be too much since it’s hot there, but a hat would be a better choice.

The “Fee Area” is still far ahead

It’s pretty far from the bus stop to the entrance of Diamond Head. For someone like me, who does not like walking, it’s quite steep. They charge you USD5/car, or if you walk like us, it’s USD1/person. You can get a map at the entrance, showing 21 points of hiking you will be passing. I think that numbers motivated me to go to the last points because to my surprise, I kept walking! It’s very steep for me, I never hiked before, and I took rest so many times along the way. One more thing though, I saw people getting colorful shaved ice after they hiked. That too, kept me going. And besides, we’re in Hawaii!

The view from the top of Diamond Head

It’s very windy up there and actually there’s not much space with so many people. We just spent around 15 minutes up there, taking pictures and videos. Even though the pictures look good, it’s not as good as what I saw. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to take picture for other people to see, because they are not going to see the beauty I see, and I don’t see the point of it. Well, they say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It’s damn true.

Rainbow shaved ice & Coconut

I was so happy getting my shaved ice from the truck behind me after 2 hours hiking. What’s more, they gave us 2 coconuts instead of 1 because we happened to be their last customer. Thank God I walked faster down the hill.

We were planning to go to Manoa Falls afterwards but they closed at 4pm. It would take around 40 minutes by TheBus, we couldn’t make it. So we just went back to the hotel with TheBus number 23 from different bus station, and enjoyed the rest of the day walking around the beach by again, sneaking into what we thought a hotel’s entrance to their beach.

An exciting Day 3 was Water Sport time! We did Parasail and went to Waikiki Starlight Hawaiian Luau at Hilton, brought to you by Orbitz.

Aloha, Hawaii! (Day 1)

So, we got married on October 31st 2015, yes it’s the Halloween Day, in here, in the United State of America, hence holiday! It’s our first anniversary and we wanted to spend it somewhere away from home. My husband had been wanting to go to Hawaii since the day I stepped my foot here, which is a year ago, and to see a year ahead was just too….dreamy. So, I had an idea to have a road trip to the famous Lake Tahoe, hoping that we can do skiing and whatnot.

That was a week before October 28th and we still didn’t have a solid plan for the anniversary. My husband looked into Orbitz for the flights to Hawaii, with no expectation at all (while actually I hoped we can get cheap tickets), and we did! Well, maybe not the cheapest but we got the best deal at that time (and no, Orbitz did not pay me for this, or should they?). Also, since every time we buy flights with Orbitz, they give us back what they called as Orbucks. That Orbucks are really useful when we looked for a hotel through Orbitzwe can use Orbucks to pay for the hotel. And so, we got the best hotel in Honolulu with surprisingly affordable price. It’s Shoreline Hotel Waikiki. While it’s not a 5-star hotel, it is located in the center of everything! I actually did not expect this at all (I guess expect for nothing will always give you good things, huh?)

The moment we arrived in the Honolulu International Airport, I checked Google Maps (thank God I don’t have to buy another service, because it’s still in the US!) to see which bus should we take. It’s called “TheBus” number 19 that took us straight to Waikiki, and we got off in station Kuhio Ave + Seaside Ave which was only 500ft away from the hotel! Oh, note to remember, this bus costs USD2.5/person, you have to pay it with cash, and they won’t have any change. Buying 4days ticket for USD35 would be convenient, so you don’t have to bring pennies wherever you go (and it’s cheaper). It’s annoying sometimes. You can buy it at ABC Store, which practically everywhere.

Shoreline Hotel Waikiki was convenient enough for both of us. We got the City View Queen for 4 nights. Again, I didn’t expect anything good in this hotel but the room had hairdryer (this is not listed in their website by the way, and I made a big choice not to bring mine), clothes iron, Keurig, and safe box. However, the big buffet breakfast is not included. Since I was a kid, having breakfast in a hotel is the most exciting to do. But I spotted Marukame Udon just around 800ft away! I’m actually surprised there is none of this delicious ramen in Northern California, considering even Indonesia has it.

The hotel is also close to Waikiki Beach, which again, we did not expect. We were just walking around, following wherever the crowds go, and here we were.

Waikiki Beach.

Isn’t that so pretty?

Apparently we were walking into Sheraton shopping mall (perhaps?) and the crowds just led us to this beautiful beach.

Happy tourists.

Our first day in Honolulu ended with us walking to Ala Moana Center which was the worst decision I made. Google Maps showed it’s only 1.4 miles away, and I thought that since we always walk around the lake (2 miles away), 1.4 miles is nothing. Oh hell. We started going away from the crowds, and wanted to go back, but we’ve walked pretty far already. Ala Moana Center is the place where expensive brands sell their items, so what we did was eating in the food court. After that, no more walking, we just got onto TheBus numberstraight back to the hotel. A good sleep for Day 2, the Diamond Head!