Aloha, Hawaii! (Day 3, part 1)

Day 3 in Hawaii is parasailing time, brought to you by Orbitz. I wanted to do everything with my husband so we chose family parasail. It costs us USD66/person for around 8 minutes, 500ft above the sea, and round trip transportation from and to our hotel included. That is an amazing offer, considering we don’t have car, and to rent a car will cost us around USD85/day.

Booking the activities through Orbitz was really convenient. We got a call from the Local Expert™ Activity Specialist (expedia) the next day, asked for our hotel details and said that they will pick us up at 12pm. So, I spent the morning walking around the hotel, bought some sandwiches from ABC Store just 200ft away.

Cloudy day

That’s where we did our couple parasailing. It was a little bit cloudy, as usual, some rain came for only minutes, but we still did it!

We went to the parasail spot with 2 other couples, where there were 2 guides waiting for us. They both can speak Japanese since the tourists are mostly Japanese. No wonder they have Marukame Udon there. Anyway, they gave us 2 memory cards for our pictures and videos that can be bought later on. I don’t know if they allow us to bring our own GoPro, but they already put their GoPro on top of us. Since this day was our anniversary, we decided to buy both the pictures and videos. It costs us USD50. Is it too much? No, not in Hawaii :p

It was worth the money, however, since it was sooooo amazing, we kept laughing and screaming up there, one of the happiest moments of our lives.

So happy to be able to do this with my other half 

Our afternoon ended with only parasailing because we had to attend Waikiki Starlight Luau at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, to watch some traditional Polynesian dance and have dinner!

Note to remember: Book everything you want to do days ahead, especially with water sports, it is limited and based on the weather conditions. I did some mistakes by not doing that, that we needed to change plans. Lucky me, my husband is very good at this 🙂


Aloha, Hawaii! (Day 1)

So, we got married on October 31st 2015, yes it’s the Halloween Day, in here, in the United State of America, hence holiday! It’s our first anniversary and we wanted to spend it somewhere away from home. My husband had been wanting to go to Hawaii since the day I stepped my foot here, which is a year ago, and to see a year ahead was just too….dreamy. So, I had an idea to have a road trip to the famous Lake Tahoe, hoping that we can do skiing and whatnot.

That was a week before October 28th and we still didn’t have a solid plan for the anniversary. My husband looked into Orbitz for the flights to Hawaii, with no expectation at all (while actually I hoped we can get cheap tickets), and we did! Well, maybe not the cheapest but we got the best deal at that time (and no, Orbitz did not pay me for this, or should they?). Also, since every time we buy flights with Orbitz, they give us back what they called as Orbucks. That Orbucks are really useful when we looked for a hotel through Orbitzwe can use Orbucks to pay for the hotel. And so, we got the best hotel in Honolulu with surprisingly affordable price. It’s Shoreline Hotel Waikiki. While it’s not a 5-star hotel, it is located in the center of everything! I actually did not expect this at all (I guess expect for nothing will always give you good things, huh?)

The moment we arrived in the Honolulu International Airport, I checked Google Maps (thank God I don’t have to buy another service, because it’s still in the US!) to see which bus should we take. It’s called “TheBus” number 19 that took us straight to Waikiki, and we got off in station Kuhio Ave + Seaside Ave which was only 500ft away from the hotel! Oh, note to remember, this bus costs USD2.5/person, you have to pay it with cash, and they won’t have any change. Buying 4days ticket for USD35 would be convenient, so you don’t have to bring pennies wherever you go (and it’s cheaper). It’s annoying sometimes. You can buy it at ABC Store, which practically everywhere.

Shoreline Hotel Waikiki was convenient enough for both of us. We got the City View Queen for 4 nights. Again, I didn’t expect anything good in this hotel but the room had hairdryer (this is not listed in their website by the way, and I made a big choice not to bring mine), clothes iron, Keurig, and safe box. However, the big buffet breakfast is not included. Since I was a kid, having breakfast in a hotel is the most exciting to do. But I spotted Marukame Udon just around 800ft away! I’m actually surprised there is none of this delicious ramen in Northern California, considering even Indonesia has it.

The hotel is also close to Waikiki Beach, which again, we did not expect. We were just walking around, following wherever the crowds go, and here we were.

Waikiki Beach.

Isn’t that so pretty?

Apparently we were walking into Sheraton shopping mall (perhaps?) and the crowds just led us to this beautiful beach.

Happy tourists.

Our first day in Honolulu ended with us walking to Ala Moana Center which was the worst decision I made. Google Maps showed it’s only 1.4 miles away, and I thought that since we always walk around the lake (2 miles away), 1.4 miles is nothing. Oh hell. We started going away from the crowds, and wanted to go back, but we’ve walked pretty far already. Ala Moana Center is the place where expensive brands sell their items, so what we did was eating in the food court. After that, no more walking, we just got onto TheBus numberstraight back to the hotel. A good sleep for Day 2, the Diamond Head!