Aloha, Hawaii! (Day 4)

Last day in Hawaii began early in the morning, about 6am, when we needed to pick up the car we rented from ZipCar. We were staying in Shoreline Waikiki Hotel and the nearest ZipCar location was just 0.6 miles away, located in one of the hotels garage. It was easy to locate, since ZipCar apps explains everything.

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-01 at 12.04.17 AM
How to get to your Zipcar

We had appointments for 2 hours Horseback Riding and Zipline Tour at Kualoa Ranch at 8am and 12.30pm, however we arrived 15 minutes late and lost the chance to ride across the 4,000 acre ranch and visit gorgeous Ka’a’awa Valley where Jurassic Park, Windtalkers, You, Me & Dupree, 50 First Dates and Lost were filmed. They offered us to have the horseback riding the next day, but we had our flight back to LA at the night. So we changed that reservation to ATV Raptor Tour for only 1 hour, and got the refund a week later. Meanwhile, our zipline tour was moved to 9am and ATV tour at 1pm.

Kualoa Ranch

That was the first time for me to zipline and it was aaawesome! The zipline tour includes 7 exciting tandem sections with zip lengths ranging from 200 feet up to a quarter of a mile in length. There were camera in some of zipline spots where they captured our faces while ziplining that can be bought later on.

I was too excited


While waiting for our turn to have ATV Tour, we went to the small cafe inside the Ranch. I got this tasty Aunty Pat’s Loco Moco and Hawaiian Burger that even my husband ordered twice because it was beyond good!

Runny yolk with gravy on top of hot rice. The best!

ATV Tour was a let down, after that amazing zipline. That was also my first time and let me tell you, it’s damn hard to drive ATV to the point that I thought I just should go with the leader in her car instead. The machine was too loud, I had to keep twisting the throttle with my right hand towards me (since they disabled gas pedal on your feet), and the steering wheel was too hard and heavy to handle. So I saw nothing. I was too busy looking on the road not to hit the ATV driver in front of me and not to get out of the track. I can’t imagine how tired I’d be if we exchanged our horseback with 2 hours of ATV tour.


We still had time before our flight at 8pm, so I looked into Yelp and found Waihe’e Falls. I thought this would be a good idea since we couldn’t go to Manoa Falls. We drove to the place written on Yelp and got confused with the neighborhood. Its entrance was closed with fence and a warning not to trespassing. I should have followed the damn rules.

From Yelp

It’s so far away to get to the waterfall! And there was no one except us. We met someone there, asked if this is the right place, and he said, “Yes, this is Hamama Falls. Yes there’s fence, but some people would just go around it from down there. Just be careful” Yeah, right.


We eventually met two groups of people coming down from the trip, asked how long the hike would be, and they said, “An hour of walking”, oh then I thought, “That should not be hard”. I was wrong. I felt like we were lost in the middle of jungle, with no one around to ask for help if something happens. I kept going because it’s our last day in Hawaii so I don’t want to miss the chance to see waterfall for the second time. However, my husband who is an energetic person, who always thinks hiking is a great exercise said, “If you decided to go back now, I’m okay with it, we will go back right away”. I was surprised.


There were a couple behind us after walking for an hour. There was no trail guide, map whatsoever so we thought we were lost, though there’s only one trail. So we asked this couple if we are in the right trail, and they said, “Yes! Just follow this trail and you’ll see the waterfall”. Those two people walked so fast that we were left behind. Alone again. We decided to go back down the hill as it’s 4pm and we needed to return the car (unfortunately we cannot drop the car in the airport) and go to airport immediately. We walked pretty slow because we were so tired, but funny thing was once we got to our car, we saw the couple earlier behind us! Heck, they must have been running down the hill. And they looked happy, not tired at all.

We arrived at Honolulu around 5.30pm to return the car, means we only had 2 hours left to get to Honolulu Int’l Airport. With TheBus number 19, it would take around one hour. I wonder why we always have to run to catch a flight…….

After spending 30 minutes in the airport, getting our baggage checked because we bought bath sea salt, olive oil, and bath bubbles, we were finally able to run for our lives to the gate, because the next day we’re going to see Lion King, The Award-Winning Musical!






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