Aloha, Hawaii! (Day 3, part 2)

After having fun above the sea, we went back to the hotel and prepare ourselves to attend  Waikiki Starlight Luau at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. There were actually lots of dinner packages along with traditional Polynesian dance and shows, but this one was the cheapest and closest to our hotel. We took TheBus number 2, stopped at Kalakaua Ave + Pau St, walked around 5 minutes to reach Hilton Hawaiian Village. 

Note to remember, if you are buying the tickets through Orbitz, you will only get receipt, not the actual voucher to enter the show. At first, we gave them the receipt and the ushers said that we are not on the lists. So we explained that we bought the tickets online through Orbitz, asked nicely to check on “online reservation”, but they did not even glance to the papers in front of them. They kept checking the paper with lists of people who brought vouchers. We were pissed. So I checked the receipt again and I found “EXPEDIA” on the corner. Once they heard me, they said, “Ooh Expedia”, and checked the paper that was exactly in front of them. Finally, they found our names. We were given 2 drinks ticket and shell necklaces at the gate.

This event was held on the roof top of Hilton. There were 2 big buffet tables in the corner, with 2 other tables for Kalua Pork, unfortunately, we don’t eat pork, but some other dishes like seared island fish and grilled rib-eye steak were good. Some ushers guided us to a big table next to buffet, along with 3 other couples. We bought the “general seating” and it was okay. It’s not too close to the stage, but to be closer to the buffet is more important!


The dance was so mesmerizing! They also taught us how to move our hips left and right.


Honolulu did not sleep that night because there were Halloween Party everywhere. We walked around after the event to see some amazing costumes.

Some minions hanging out with Minnie Mouse
Alice in Wonderland, with Tweedledee and Tweedledum
VOTE for The US of A!

We spent Day 4 in Hawaii at Kualoa Ranch, Kaneohe, for ziplining and ATV riding. The last day in Hawaii was frustrating, that we almost missed our flight back to California, because apparently we walked into a jungle with no one around! Just to see a waterfall.


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